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Design is meant to inform, reveal, surprise, and enlighten. It can be light, it can be heavy, it can be intelligent, and it can be emotional. Design can be many things, but my feeling is that design comes from an idea. It can be simple or complex. It can be personal or it can be social. It can be a product benefit or simply the joy of making something beautiful. Everything is designed, whether intentionally or not, and everyone responds to design in some way.

But perhaps more importantly, the idea of design has context. It comes from a history and exists within a social, cultural, or business context. In a corporate identity, it can be the expression of an experience that sits within many experiences, some of which are competitive, some of which are supportive. In digital, it can be how an identity comes to life through user experience and interaction. In a book, it can be the expression of an idea with the author’s or designer’s intent in mind. The idea of design is a wonderfully complicated and nuanced notion.2

The idea of
an identity.

A corporate identity is a living entity with a strategic idea at its core. It’s the balance and summation of all the elements working in unison toward a singular purpose. It extends into all viable touchpoints and can easily grow into new products and experiences.

The idea of
a mark.

A successful mark is rooted in an idea that builds off the strategy of the company, organization, or individual it represents. It’s the core of an identity, and should embody the ideals and culture of the entity it symbolizes in a timeless manner.

The idea of

I’m often hired by studios, agencies, and organizations to contribute as part of a larger team. Here, my role is to develop ideas, add a point of view, and help move a project forward. Sometimes my work isn’t the end product, but I help shape and inform the final solution.

The idea of
the book.

A book designed with an idea has a specific point of view. It brings the content together in a way that gives the book permanence. It creates a dialogue between the author and its reader in a more thoughtful and intelligent way, and adds an element of timelessness.

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I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some exceptional creatives, agencies, and clients in my career. Many times on more than one occasion and over the course of several years. I love how connected the creative industry is—even on a global scale—and how we always seem to find the individuals we do the best work with.

I’m currently available to collaborate on high-quality design projects locally, nationally, internationally, or remotely. If you think we could make something great together, or simply want to talk design3, send me an email.